About me


Welcome! I’m Brittany — an occupational therapist, certified trauma practitioner, and certified light therapist with training in iridology.  My areas of specialty are mental health and complementary and alternative modalities (CAMs). I believe disease prevention and overall wellness should be the focus of our healthcare system, therefore, I am undergoing continuous training which I hope to share here.

Be well!




This blog will contain information on a variety of topics related to occupational therapy, complementary and alternative modalities (CAMs), psychosocial health and well-being, and trends in practice. Check in regularly to see new posts and contact me if you are interested in writing a guest post for us!

informed practice with therapeutic use of self

     The majority of healthcare programs consist of technical, scientific knowledge to address pervasive diagnoses in real-time. Unlike styles of communication, the aforementioned scientific reasoning can be taught to those dedicated enough to undertake such studies. It is my belief that when altruism is of the utmost importance to a healthcare professional, their treatments …